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In a brutal confrontation with the Legion, in which Alleria and her lover Turalyon were nearly overwhelmed, Alleria invoked the void and annihilated the gathered monsters with its power, opening a shadowy rift.

An unseen presence loomed behind the curtain, apparently using the void within Alleria as a "vessel" to corrupt the Sunwell, and unleashed a void horror upon it.

However, Alleria left her training incomplete after learning that Turalyon was in grave danger, and departed the shadowy realm after a brief battle with her teacher, who told Alleria that they would meet again.

Alleria accompanied Umbric to the site of the cube, and cautioned him to be wary as he began the ritual to unlock its power. Alleria asked whether this was how he truly felt, or rather the agenda of her sister, his Warchief.

At that moment, the cube opened with an explosion, allowing Nether-Prince Durzaan -- the corrupt ethereal who had stalked Alleria and made an attempt to claim the Sunwell -- to surge into Telogrus. Alleria immediately offered her aid, wanting to help her transformed kin understand and control their new forms and powers, and Umbric, apologizing for his arrogance, happily accepted.

Umbric, at last, had found what he was looking for: Beyond the stars This section contains information that needs to be cleaned up.

Alleria met her teacher once again, who had come to see what the Shadowguardhis people who had succumbed to the void, were doing. Eventually, Rommath had them banished, reasoning that any who treat with the void pose a danger to the Sunwell, and Umbric led his followers south to the Ghostlands to pursue their research.

The survivors rose from the ashes, naming themselves the blood elves in honor of the perished. Synthesize the information in Wow antithesis section and trim the bits that are not relevant to this article Alleria Windrunnerwhile sojourning with the Army of the Lightwas attacked and infected with the void on a Burning Legion prison world that had been deeply saturated by its energies.

Durzaan immediately began a spell to capture and corrupt Umbric and his followers, binding them in an attempt to transform the elves into creatures of the void. They claimed Telogrus as their base of operations, and their numbers grew with the addition of blood elves and high elves who have ventured to seek them out, no longer fearing exile for the pursuit of knowledge.

Eventually, Alleria called upon the void directly. There they meet Anduin Wrynn, who assures them that while the path they walk may be testing, they will never face the darkness alone, for the Alliance stands with them.

He explained how the shadow sees the Light as nothing but horrors, just as the Light sees the shadow, and how neither is true nor wrong. Alleria had noticed the change, but when she stepped closer to its waters, the plateau erupted into void corruption.

With each piece Alleria put together, she gained a better understanding and empathy for these elves, exiled and shunned for delving into the void, as she had been. How the Light seeks one path and shuns all others as lies, while the Void seeks every possible path and sees them all as truth. She eventually learned of a mysterious ethereal named Locus-Walkera peerless master of void energies and a ruthless enemy of the Legion, whose death was sought by the demons.

Alleria used the teachings taught to her by Locus Walker to fight off their demonic assailant, and together escaped to a plane of pure shadow, the void itself. Most who tried have fallen into madness. She escaped with Turalyon and together they departed through it, but Turalyon, who had become one with the Light, felt agonizing pain when he came in direct contact with her.

Coming to the aid of a group of her kin who nearly gave in to the darkness, Alleria has vowed to train these Void Elves to control the shadows within them and pledge their newfound powers to the Alliance.

Alleria followed the trail to Dawnstar Spireand atop it she opened her own portal to Telogrus, where she finally met Umbric. So long as she remained in control of herself and her mind, the shadow would be her ally. Further, Alleria worried for where this research into such a strange and unknowable object might take them.

Feeling that Silvermoon had turned its back on him long ago, Umbric swore his allegiance to Alleria and the Alliance.

Alleria, swearing to save her brothers and sisters, fought a brutal battle to free Umbric and slay the Nether-Prince. She grew fascinated by the void, and pressed her draenei comrades for information, but the servants of the Light were reluctant to speak of its shadowy antithesis.

With his followers, Umbric travelled to the void world now known as Telogrus Riftwhich had been destroyed long ago by a being of great power possibly Sargeras himself. Although the process changed her, giving her access to a void form, Alleria maintained that she was still in control, the same person she had always been, but now something more.

Alleria then accompanied the blood elf leaders, as well as the concurrently visiting nightborne leaders, to the Sunwell.set realmlist Armory. Quests.

Battlegrounds. Warsong Gulch available. Arathi Basin available. Alterac Valley available. Eye of the Storm available. Battle for Gilneas available.

Twin Peaks available. Strand of the Ancients not available. Isle of Conquest available. Arenas. Apr 01,  · This Is The Antithesis To Legion's Zones: Tiragarde Sound Cinematic Preview - Battle for Azeroth World Of Warcraft News - Duration: Taliesin & Evitel Do Gamesviews.

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