The opinions of celebrities such as famous entertainers essay

Because they are so immature as illustrated above, it is not strange to admit the fact that the more time they are exposed to celebrities, the more chances they will let their own ideas flow with the impressive celebrities. In the following paragraphs, I will aptly substantiate my viewpoint.

To elucidate, take my own experience. Firstly on the psychological groundings, compared to the mature adults who have usually fully developed their mindset and received long-time education, the young people are still in their formative years, which is a period especially vulnerable to all sorts of opinions.

From my perspective, younger people devote much more attention to celebrities, and seriously look up to them. Her health and optimism not only make her pleasant but reduce the hospital resources. Usually, this kind of convincing words come from parents and teachers, however, many young people are also experiencing rebellious periods, leading to their resistance to every single word from their parents or teachers.

The actors are liars and hypocrites power hungry with endless resources on a mission to self destruct. Everything existing has its influence on other things indiscriminately, although varies from different objective characteristic, I must admit celebrities opinions also have affected the older one, adults frenzy of politician and deeply believe in those famous politician promises is just an example to name.

If we think bill Clinton did bad with Monica Lewinsky imagine what the actors did to rise to the top and what else they would once they invade capital hill. Their sole purpose is to achieve their goals, and succeed in their life. I learned that from a theater proffessor.

Elder should take the suggestions from celebrities that can make them happy and know their bodies how to make strong body, what to eat and when to do the right things. As a result, it makes sense the success observed in those celebrities may serve as persuasive evidence for them to firmly believe what the celebrities say.

The reason is that the opinions from entertainers and athletes can make older people joyful, optimistic and careful to their bodies To begin, old people will be happier and healthier once they get the opinions from celebrities, such as famous entertainers and athletes.

The Opinions Of Celebrities, Such As Famous Entertainers And Athlet...

Considering the easy availability of wifi and smart phones, with the help of which the young people now can keep trace with their fascinating celebrities whenever and wherever just by pressing the "follow" icon in the twitter and keeping in touch with the Internet. Considering the above, I strongly agree the idea that opinions of celebrities are more vital to the elder.

People in the world must live from the cradle to the grave and therefore elder should have their last life being worthy and cheerful. The second reason for my argument lies the reality that older people around us belong to past era particularly the periods of time that technology or other advanced points had not been invented; therefore, there is a wrong conviction among youth that the old are not able to assist us in achieving prosperity due to lack of aware from modern society.

That is, their character have not shaped yet, and they are seeking motivations and desirable characteristics of other people. As mentioned above, people with happy mind will live longer and ensure the resource used efficiently. And then you die.

The second factor to take into account is the media development has made us surrounded by celebrities. Some people are inclined toward the belief that celebrities are a prominent part in lives of people of various ages.“Whoever controls the media.

controls the mind”. Jim Morrison. one time said. I.

The opinions of celebrities

yet. see that whoever controls famous persons of the media. such as celebrated entertainers and. The Opinions Of Celebrities, Such As Famous Entertainers And Athletes, Are More Important To Younger People Than To Older People.

Nowadays, aging people increase significantly and it becomes important to take case of elder and ensure their happiness in their life. Should celebrities keep out of politics? 78% Say Yes 22% Say No Have you ever seen those advertisements with gay celebrities such as Ellen in them calling Republicans evil (not that I disagree to an extent) and forcing for a vote for Democracy?

because we watch them and because they're famous and well likes for the roles they do. Report. I, yet, consider that whoever controls celebrities of the media, such as famous entertainers and athletes, controls the younger individuals.

I, personally, claim that the opinions of celebrities are more important to younger people than to older people. All Opinions Bullying Current Events / Politics Discrimination Drugs Entertainment / Celebrities; Celebrities and Their Influence; Celebrities and Their Influence Your essay isn't very.

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The opinions of celebrities such as famous entertainers essay
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