The controversy surrounding the topic whether ncaa student athletes should be paid or not

These student athletes are producing money now for the college they play for and this has nothing to do with future revenue. Just treat all students on scholarships the same, give them all the same liberties and freedoms, and the problem will be solved.

It is why we, the general public, need to simply stop looking at universities and colleges as places of education and instead focus on them as places of business where education just happens to be a service they provide. They are essentially already being paid, which means that a salary for playing a sport should not exist.

Pro Yes, college athletes should be paid. To help them win. We allow the "school" part to blind us into thinking that the educational piece changes the dynamics of what is really going on and exempts athletics from being about something other than money.

The myth of parity

Like any other business, colleges go into default and close when they are not making money or advancing financially. If he or she were getting paid then the athlete would have incentive to stay in school for the 4 years and also earn a degree because we all know the average career length for a professional athlete is in the single digits in all sports so he or she would have something to fall back on.

And what comes with winning in the business of sports? If they generate the money they should be paid. This has been our reality for decades. You agreed for tuition, room and board, books and to follow the rules of the NCAA as compensation. We need to stop looking for fairness in this because there is none and there never will be.

Plus, they receive special dining benefits.

Should college athletes be paid?

Seemingly everyone, regardless of the stance they take, makes valid points. We understand that High School athletes are not paid for their sport, college athletes should not be paid either. If college athletes are paid, the all other members of other extra curricular activities would need to be payed as well.

I urge you now Vote Con. They and their families choose to do this. They are most certainly not being exploited, they are living their passions.

I spoke with a retired financial manager who has had some dealings with the NCAA, and he shot down my theory of the answer to the "pay for play" dilemma in college athletics.

The primary objective of going to a college is to get a higher education and learn things that will help you get into the career field of your choice. There are various clubs, honor societies, and organizations in college.

You should not be paid to go to college, simply because you play a sport. We need to stop looking at college as it relates to athletics as an educational aperture and look at it for what it has become: All students in compulsory education K make money for their school by simply attending.

The bottom line is this, college is not a place where the primary purpose is football; debate; choir, or any other extracurricular activity, but it is a place to learn and to become a functional member of society.

Report this Argument Con I accept. No one is making kids go to school to make money for the colleges and universities.

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But, if making money is more important to these young athletes; then let them quit football and get a job.Jan 09,  · (Although I did not think of this when I wrote my original article, it seems clear to me now that college sports should also adopt the Olympic model, so that athletes in any sport, not just.

Should college athletes be paid? Add to My Favorites Report this Debate Share with My Friends. Do you like this debate? Effort goes into both whether it's athletics or debate.

once out of college people who where in debate programs go onto to have aspiring careers as lawyers, or teachers, or such. These student athletes are producing. Student Athletes Should to Be Paid Essay - In recent years, a major controversy in the NCAA has been whether or not student athletes in college should be paid for playing sports.

Top 10 Reasons Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid A List that Tells You Why We Shouldn't Pay College Athletes The controversy surrounding year olds with contracts Major colleges provide the best services to their "student athletes." As athletes, they are not held to the same standard as other students.

The biggest. While paying college athletes to play sports would benefit the athletes, it would also be unfair to people in other clubs/organizations that work just as hard as athletes, but still wouldn't be paid. Therefore, to keep things fair, college athletes should not be paid.

Students Are Not Professional Athletes. the student-athletes should be paid. perhaps the question should be whether it is reasonable that student-athletes should have additional resources.

The controversy surrounding the topic whether ncaa student athletes should be paid or not
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