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Instead of using incandescent bulbs, we can use CFLs compact fluorescent bulbs. The depletion rate of gas is more alarming. It does not take long to realize how vital they have become over time.

There are many ways to conserve energy. For a moment I had dreamt about a world, conscious about its natural reserves and keen on saving them, thus ensuring a blissful future not only for themselves but also for their progeny.

Research in new alternatives and better techniques to conserve oil and gas should be adequately funded and encouraged by the government as well as non government organizations.

In India and the US, fuel is sold at subsidized rates. Big gas-guzzling vehicles like Hummers and SUVs should be exchanged for smaller, fuel-efficient cars. The Government has set many standards in the consumption of oil and gas.

Apart from shortages, the price of fuels also fluctuates wildly depending on availability.

373 Words Essay on Conservation of Energy

Long queues were seen outside petrol bunks and there were fewer vehicles on the roads because there was no fuel to tank up on. This would bring down the demand for the natural gas and oil. They use only one-fourth the energy of the former and last times longer.

Today it spans 65 countries. For instance, wind and solar power are renewable. Oil and natural gas is dead property. It must be pretty clear by now that oil and gas need to be preserved or the day will soon dawn when they will be gone and then mankind will be thrown centuries back in progress.

This is why a lot of research is being done on alternative sources of energy which are also renewable. This growing population demands an energy resource with flammability, high energy value and convenience of use.

In a way it was a good thing because there was less pollution and traffic jams. Public transport systems, car 2. However oil is being used at a rate of 77 million barrels a day which makes 26 billion barrels annually [IEAKEY ].

We should try to avoid the use of plastic by buying reusable products instead of disposable ones. A casual reflection on our history books would reveal that natural reserves have been so intimately involved with our development that even ages have been distinguished by their discovery as the Iron Age, the Bronze Age etc.

Alternatives like hydro, solar and wind power and bio-fuels must be used more frequently. Awareness Campaigns should be conducted at regular intervals.

Saving fuel for the future is therefore an urgent necessity.

ईंधन संरक्षण की दिशा में छोटे छोटे कदम एक बड़ा परिवर्तन ला सकते हैं।

In other countries too, people did the same. In other words, increasing usage depletes their presence within the earth. So there will come a time when they will no longer be available.

But using those is having a huge impact on our natural environmental balance. Thirdly, in spite of the development of non-conventional energy resources, the general populace is still apprehensive about their use along with natural oil and gas, chiefly because of their low energy value and inconvenience in using them.

The answer is to develop alternative and renewable sources.

It should be passed on as a social responsibility. This leads to global warming which is one of the biggest challenges the earth is facing.

Electric cars like the Indian Reva are also good options. Demographers believe that the population will reach 10 billion before it can stabilize.

Last but not the least, all our awareness campaigns have limited themselves to academic exercises only which are done on a few days.


Firstly the present population of the world is 6, and July The demand on the other hand hardly seems to lessen. The oil and natural gas are both dying and limited resources which will not come back in near future.

This puts an ever increasing pressure on the natural reserves to meet the demands of the populace. All people must consciously try limiting their use of oil and gas. International bodies must monitor the consumption of oil and gas by various nations and must set international standards for all nations to practice.Oil accounts for 40% of the world’s energy requirements where as natural gas accounts for 23% [USGE98].

However oil is being used at a rate of 77 million barrels a day which makes 26 billion barrels annually [IEAKEY ]. On such occasions, oil dependent countries are badly affected. Ina similar scenario arose and prices shot up so much that it created a panic.

Long queues were seen outside petrol bunks and there were fewer vehicles on the. These 10 easy driving tips could help you save as much as 20 percent on gasoline. That can add up to serious money savings over time.

Want to save up to. Search Results. Save Fuel 1. Keep your tires properly inflated and check tire pressure once a month. If your tires are flat, inflating them will reduce drag and improve efficiency. Money Saving Guide. Real People. Real Experiences. Real Helpful. a Fun Times Guide site.

The Fun Times Guide > Money Saving Guide > Jobs & Money While changing the oil is really just a part of a vehicle’s regular maintenance, there are still ways to save money on your oil changes.

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Save oil save money essay
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