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Fan Works Code Wings 3. But dying is such a bitch! The usual ending is the embarrassed criminal being either pulled or cut out of the duct by the fire department and then promptly handed over to the authorities. Even the rare occasions when a character in those books does want to be Killed Off for Realtheir base personality will get transferred into a new body — effectively meaning mandatory artificial reincarnation.

Played with in The Lost Symbol. It takes them a while to remove the grate and the fans inside, and a guard catches them, but they manage to bluff that they had been ordered to repair it.

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Harry gets about as close as you can after he gets shot and falls in the lake. Some houses may have or have not vents sufficiently large, resulting in Diabolik and Eva extremely agile people either climbing in themselves or using a remote-controlled robot to reach the safe or vault.

After Ebony gets raped, the Prayer Warriors nearby kill her for being Defiled Foreveralong with the rapist.

Air-Vent Passageway

We worked hard to get all the science right. Used again in the s Frank Miller envisioning of Batman. Asuka, Rei, and Shinji were forced to use this route to get into the Geo-Front during a power outage when none of the doors would open.

Laura Spencer as Emily Sweeney recurring seasons 7—8, starring season 9: At one point it is stated that the average neomage can expect to die and be resurrected more than fifty times in a career.

Although the original pilot was not picked up, its creators were given an opportunity to retool it and produce a second pilot. Extra points for doing it in the course of about five seconds with no equipment. In another Kim Possible fanfic, To Bebe or not to Bebe, Kim and Ron are captured by a surprisingly competent villain who not only has air vents too small to crawl through, but also took all their equipment and destroyed it rather than leave it out to pick up when they escape.

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In one side story of Tales of MU a professor caught a rich student who had been turned into a mouse by a trap on one of their dwarven weapons on display.

Paperinik must get around a closed door. Who was cleaning them? However, this time the prisoner is the hulking Mutant leader, a man built enough to take on Batman in hand-to-hand combat. There are many more stories where the man has lived than ones where he has remained dead.

Technically, only Coulson and Strange have actually died. The characters were Canadian actress Amanda Walsh as Katie, "a street-hardened, tough-as-nails woman with a vulnerable interior," [9] [10] and Iris Bahr as Gilda, a scientist colleague and friend of the male characters.

Played with in Diabolik: However, he later comes back in The Evil Gods Part 2.

Death Is Cheap

In addition, because Jake died and the Ellimist said only one Animorph would have to die, the rest of the Animorphs are invincible for the rest of the book, even when they should by all means be dead.

Subverted by the end when he loses the ability to reset time and has to destroy the alien Hive Mind in one go without dying. Strange dies countless timesbut keeps coming back.

Prior to meeting Raj, Emily was set up on a blind date with Howard. Raj is initially unable to talk to women unless he drinks alcohol. Injuries and deaths outside the ring stickalthough the RumbleDome has an excellent infirmary.

They brought in the remaining cast and retooled the show to its final format. In The Dresden FilesHarry Dresden has goaded someone into killing him and been revived expressly to team up with his own ghost. In the Loonatics Unleashed fanfiction The FragileTech builds a machine able to bring people back to life; granted it has limitations It only works if it has a DNA sample and only if someone has been dead for less than 17 minutesbut still.

Rock Paper Scissors Spock

However, in reality, the net is working constantly, and the end of transmission is considered death by aTan. Thus, the narrator Julius is killed early in the novel and spends the rest of the story fighting back against those he believes responsible for his murder.

Mercilessly parodied in an Italian story: Assassinations among the Jhereg criminal organization often do not take. Anyone who dies on the Riverworld is brought back to life the next day somewhere else. There have been numerous cases where enterprising criminals have attempted to rob a store by sneaking through the ducts and end up getting stuck.

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Rock paper scissors lizard spock shirt
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