Regulatory behavior essay

When this binding occurs, a response is triggered. The thalamus is responsible for passing on information from the senses to the brain. It also is the other way around: According to the Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation, children who have high levels of fear have a harder time than children with regular amounts of fear when it comes to falling and staying asleep.

The dendrites are branch-like structures off of the cell body and the location of information is received. A neuron consists of an axon, dendrites, a cell body, and the axon terminal. This intrusion can change the way our body responds to thermoregulation by emitting hormones that tell the body it may need to prepare for a flight or fight situation.

The corpus callosum connects the two hemispheres of the brain and helps with communication. For example, glucocorticoids play a large role in the functioning of the CNS.

Lack of adequate sleep can make it difficult to receive, and remember information. To add, after sleep drive has disappeared in the second half of the night, suprachiasmatic nucleus SCN can maintain sleep throughout the night Kalat, Cortisol is an anti-stress hormone that increases while the growth hormone decreases when the body gets less sleep than it should.

Hire Writer Body temperature regulation is the process by which our body maintains a steady internal temperature. It is important for everyone to know the effects that sleep deprivation can have on an individual.

An ongoing fear or phobia can cause an individual to lose sleep, which in turn, decreases their function the next day. The Nervous System The central nervous system is made up of two major components, the brain and the spinal cord.

As with any function in the body fear produces a hormonal response. If an individual already has sleep problems, such as sleep apnea or insomnia, this can cause aggression to worsen.

Retrieved July 12,from http: A neurotransmitter is a chemical message that acts between the neurons in the brain. Consolidation represents the processes by which memory becomes stable.

Fear can also inhibit bad dreams throughout the night, which could also cause the individual to wake up periodically throughout the night and not receive any REM sleep.

Regulatory Behavior Essay Sample

This process is such a necessary behavior that without it, the nervous system, and the overall health of the individual in question can become compromised to the point of fatality without it. Then, you realize that you are still awake and should be sleeping; this is when the anxiety kicks in.

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The accumulation of hypnogenic substances induce a desire to sleep that does not disappear until one actually gets sleep. Depriving a person of sleep can impair verbal learning, especially early in the night. An increase in cortisol can cause memory loss and insulin resistance. The distinction between total sleep deprivation and partial sleep deprivation is important to understand.

With a process so seemingly simple as sleep, it is hard to overlook the subtle, yet vital support that it provides to the health of the individual. The effect of melatonin supplementation on the quality of sleep and weight status in postmenopausal women.

During surgery a patients temperature is normally watched closely to make sure this is not an issue. Then you are back to the start where it is difficult for you to fall asleep.

The hypothalamus is above the spinal cord, and regulates the consumption of food and water. Anxiety can also cause problems with normal sleep hygiene.

Regulatory Behavior Essay

Depriving a person of sleep during the second half of the night impairs consolidation of learned motor skills Kalat, A decrease in the growth hormone can reduce muscle mass and strength, increase fat tissue, and weaken the immune system Walecka-Kapica, Regulatory Behavior PAGE * MERGEFORMAT 4 Running head: REGULATORY BEHAVIOR Regulatory Behavior Crystal Morris University of Phoenix Biological foundations of Psychology Stephanie Sencil July 12, Regulatory Behavior The human body is regulated by the nervous system and its functions.

The Study demonstrates that the influence of pride depends on appraisal information and self-regulatory goal activation. High-effort pride increased (decreased) regulatory behavior when a self-regulatory goal was not (was) active, but low effort pride did not have an influence on the amount of regulatory behavior.

Regulatory Behavior The nervous system is an extremely elaborate biological machine. Without question, the nervous system is a system so intricate and comprehensive that professionals in the field of medicine to this day do not have a “complete picture” of each of the working details of the human nervous system.

Regulatory Behavior Paper PSY/ 2/9/ Tiffany Tibbs Regulatory Behavior Paper Temperature is very important in many ways and more than one and is very vital to human and animal lives. Regulatory Behavior Sarah Spaulding PSY/ July 4, Dr.

Teralyn Sell Regulatory Behavior The nervous system and its function regulate the human body. Everything runs smoothly with no issues during normal circumstances. Fear has an impact on how the nervous system works. Regulatory Behavior - Emotions Explain the role of the nervous system in eating behavior regulation Eating behavior is affected by the integration of the different signals into the hedonic systems and the homeostatic systems.

Regulatory behavior essay
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