On the subway by sharon olds essay

She shows him as he sleeps, newspaper comics on his stomach, plaid shirt, hands folded across his body. This is used by the poet to enforce the idea that each character is only part of the puzzle.

She feels rather unsure saying. These differences On the subway by sharon olds essay her philosophical thought. This displays complete inequality and racism.

She can somehow own her father, possess him, in this state. Without sacrificing poetic power, she nevertheless is careful to ground her reader in the poems. When she finds him, it is as if she stumbles over something inert lying on a chair.

For American society to flourish, black and white people must become as one, as each can gain or lose from the other. The poem explores the domination of weaker males who take advantage of superior females. A noteworthy simile illustrates the obvious differences between the white storyteller and the male child.

The second stanza explains that the father is asleep, sleeping off a drinking bout. We can get that much information about the period of anger and inequality just after reading several lines. Here, it is clear that the speaker is trying to gain an understanding of the relationship between the white world and that of the black boy.

In the first several lines. Poem Analysis showed that there are a lot of symbols there. This train of idea shortly interruptions as she realizes her ain power.

It is about unequal relationships between white and black people in the USA. The tone shifts at the endas females starts giving way to hope. There are several techniques used to depict the inferiority of females in the society: The negative ocular imagination here displays the dark personality of the male child and the fearful tone.

American society is one of many races and nationalities, but a rift has always existed between the African American and Caucasian populations, dating back to slavery.

On the Subway

The poem itself details the feelings experienced by the speaker as she sits on the subway, though the subway itself is not mentioned in the poem itself.

This is very significant, as it reinforces the fact that the race is merely skin color, and that underneath all of this we are all the same, although the poet takes it further than this, showing aspects of dark and light in what they are wearing on the outside.

Settings and characters are from daily life—men, women, lovers, children. He looks almost dead. Yet during the horrors of tending him as well as in the months that follow his deathOlds comes to terms with the hurt he has caused her and at last is freed to state her love for him and to recognize his for her, damaged though those loves must be.

In particular ,it displays the idea that a weak man in the society is superior than a powerful woman in the society. The poet insinuates through this comparison that not only are we the same on the inside, but each of us strives for a small aspect of the other world.

This is where the sociological lens comes into play, where the differences of society affect our daily lives. Commenting on her first book, Satan Says, some reviewers condemned her for overusing vulgarities and suggested that she was merely trying for shock effects.

The poem commences with the images of gender division that exists in the society. The ambitious tone of the poem gives way to hope and belief in the ability of females to overcome patriarchy.

The poem effectively describes the bitterness and anger of females.

“On the Subway” by Sharon Olds Essay Sample

Using a vast array of poetic devices, imagery and traditional racial stereotypes; the poet develops the insight into the connections, separations, needs and wants of these two societal entities.

The entire section is 3, words. The speaker says she has learned to return to the past in order to find doors and windows.

Those themes appear in her first volume and continue to appear steadily in her later poems as well, recording her awareness of what her commitments are by virtue of her sex—the fostering of life and growth wherever it seems possible.

This is especially important to look at, because of Sharon Olds being an American poet. Her insecurity of which genuinely holds power over the other.

No one ever has to feel abased in the democratic world. She loves and protects it more fiercely than anything else in her life, and at the same time she feels trapped by its dependence, its demands, and its vulnerability. Without skin, an animal would die, but without insides, an animal would never live.

Thus, the poem effectively depicts the way less powerful females are in the society. The situation is set by the title, and this makes all that follows clear as far as its meaning is concerned.Paper Topic: `On The Subway` by Sharon Olds The poem On the Subway ‘ by Sharon Olds is a free-verse poem about a white woman and a young black man who find themselves alone with each other on the subway.

“On the Subway” by Sharon Olds Essay Sample “On the Subway” is a poem about the inferiority and weakness of women which results them to be ambitious and belief in their ability to overcome patriarchy.

The poem effectively describes the. On The Subway Sharon Olds Annotations “On the Subway” is a strong and hard poem which has its tone. It is about unequal relationships between. AP Poetry Essay Question: In “On the Subway,” Sharon Olds brings two worlds into close proximity.

Identify the contrasts that develop both portraits in the poem and discuss the. An essay or paper on A Poem Analysis of On The Subway. The poem that I have chosen to write and analyze is "On The Subway" by Sharon Olds.

More Sharon Olds Questions» literaturenerd | Certified Educator The poem "On the Subway" provides a historical point-of-view is regards to how Whites have, and still continue to, regard African-Americans.

On the subway by sharon olds essay
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