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The morphological analysis identifies all the different forms and contexts, presents each separately with the proper vowel signs and the part of speech, such as noun, verb etc. We provide an extensive database that will show you everything you need to know about other businesses and companies, so that you will be able to make informed decisions before committing.

View Demo Business Information and Credit Risk Management Report Knowledge is power, and we have quite a lot of it when it comes to demographics targeted down to the finest detail.

All you need to know about businesses in Israel and worldwide Before engaging in any business relationship, you should gather as much information as you can regarding who you seek to get involved with. The dictionary is bi-directional and a request in English will yield a Hebrew result.

Select Page Rav-Milim Rav-Milim is the leading online Hebrew dictionary, the only one offering a complete morphological analysis, which makes it possible to find every Hebrew word, in every conjugation and every form of spelling.


The website is an essential tool for anyone writing in Hebrew: The dictionary encompasses the entire modern Hebrew vocabulary, in all its layers and dimensions.

Continuous updating Addition of new words, including new coinages by the Academy of the Hebrew Language, foreign terms and slang. This elaborate report was designed by our specialists, based on the questioning of interested parties, business environment analysis and professional risk assessment.

Rav-Milim Characteristics Complete morphological analysis Makes it possible to find every Hebrew word, whatever the conjugation or spelling. Through this dynamic system, featuring information on ownership ties, cross-holdings and risk rates, you can have a clearer image of the company in question from a legal, business and personal perspective.

That is why we created a special report that examines business ties, thus reflecting potential risks or opportunities within business relationships.

TransPerfect Acquires Language Services Provider Milim

Rhyming A list of all words which rhyme with the requested word. Dates and numbers Conversion of numbers and dates into accurate Hebrew spelling.

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Expressions and combinations A list of all expressions the word appears in, and their explanations. The Rav-Milim dictionary, the most comprehensive Modern Hebrew dictionary, was created as part of the largest Hebrew lexicological and linguistic undertaking in Israel.

Here you can find new audiences for your business to generate additional growth. Synonyms A large compilation of synonyms: Lovers of Hebrew will find fascinating posts by Dr.Milim Writing & Translation Services srpen – do současnosti (3 roky 2 měsíce) Bnei Brak Responsible for the entire life-cycle of all projects, confirm clarity of instructions, liaise and coordinate with AE’s to advise clients Title: Senior Project Manager.

All the information you need regarding MILIM WRITING & TRANSLATION SERVICES LTD., Translation Services in BNEI BRAK - Log in to dun'sguide - Israel's leading business guide from Dun & Bradstreet. Milim Founded inMilim Writing & Translation Services Ltd.

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is one of Israel’s premier language service providers. With a focus on business flexibility, professionalism, and technical accuracy, Milim delivers individualized solutions to clients in highly specialized industries such as automotive, aerospace, software, electronics, and. TransPerfect is a privately held language services provider.

The company offers services in over languages to multinationals worldwide. TransPerfect is headquartered in New York and has regional headquarters in London and Hong Kong. Milim Writing & Translation Services acquired by TransPerfect. TransPerfect, the world’s largest privately held language services provider, today announced the acquisition of Milim Writing & Translation Servic.

Writing words in your own voice. Keep the pronunciation of words. Record them on the tape recorder. Automatic translation. Use the built-in translator to translate. You could become a part of the Milim community and purchase subscriptions. free. Milim - це програма, яка сприймається оточуючими як.

Milim writing and translation
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