Michelle obamas speech analysis

You are immensely proud of your parent for working that hard for you, yes, but it the elephant in the room continues to exist. She is now going to be seen as a prospect for future office and she is going to be on the national scene for a long time coming, regardless of the results of the election this November.

Bush nor even Todd Akin. Michelle Obama has transcended her office. But in a roundabout way, she might as well have because she connected in a way so few others have. At various times, they hit the right chord and I got to witness the younger version of themselves; struggling to make ends meet in the current while dreading what the future may or may not hold.

This story not only makes you empathetic to what her dad did to raise them, it also is Michelle obamas speech analysis story that is similar to what many Americans go through. To me the speech was effective because I listened to it and related much better to Barack and trusted him more than before the speech.

Transcript of the speech can be found here. According to the census approximately twelve percent of all Americans have a disability US Census. Mitt Romney is a wealthy man who had a wealthy father, Michelle telling about the humble beginnings of both the President and her makes them much more attractive to most of Americans who are from middle or lower classes.

She told the story of her father going to work, and struggling to make it up the stairs after a long day Politico. In fact it runs the risk of overshadowing the entire convention.

Her speech was very effective to her target audience. Then Michelle Obama spoke to me. But she conveyed it in a sense that so few others have done before.

She also used ethos effectively to show Americans that her and Barack come from humble beginnings and went through many things that the average American does.

We got to hear all that tonight and also saw the emergence of Michelle Obama as not just a popular public figure but as an icon. I am personally glad I got to hear it.

You idolized her in the same way that you related to her. She was speaking to the everyday American and trying to make Barack Obama seem like an ordinary citizen. In this job market? She used logos less often and not as effectively as ethos and pathos.Sep 26,  · Michelle Obama’s Speech, Analyzed.

Rhetorical Analysis. Michelle Obama gave an excellent speech at the Democratic National Convention. She was speaking to the everyday American and trying to make Barack Obama seem like an ordinary citizen. She used pathos a lot in her speech by telling real stories about her.

Michelle Obama’s speech Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention is getting rave reviews as a subtle but devastating attack on Mitt Romney, a heartfelt and gripping tale of personal.

Jul 26,  · Five Techniques That Made Michelle Obama's Speech Emotionally Appealing Carmine Gallo Senior Contributor i Opinions expressed by Forbes. Transcript of Michelle Obama Speech Analysis Parallelism is the use of components in a sentence that are grammatically the same; or similar in their construction, sound, meaning or meter.

"And everywhere I've gone, in the people I've met, and the stories I've heard, I have seen the best of the American spirit.".

Sep 04,  · I promised all of you on Twitter that I was done for the night. I fully expected to lay in bed, prepare for my morning practice and listen to Michelle Obama's speech to the Democratic National Convention before slipping off into a steady slumber.

An Analysis Of Michelle Obama’s Speech

Then Michelle Obama spoke to me. On a night in. Analysis of Michelle Obama’s speech Barack Obama is running for president again, and that takes a huge amount of time and space for the poor presidential candidate.

That’s why it’s so great to have a loving wife, who can take some of the burden laid on Barack’s shoulders.

Michelle obamas speech analysis
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