Media of advertising

advertising media

Cost of advertising is higher as compared to newspapers. Number of site visitors who leave the site within a predetermined time seconds Although much of the audience research data is normally only available to subscribers and prospective advertisers, basic information is published for the general public, often as topline survey findings.

There is a separate advertisement department in every newspaper which classifies and designs different advertisements in the paper. It has limited access i. Direct mail advertising suffers from certain drawbacks also.

In particular, networks operating in the pay-to-access arena, such as those with channels on cable and satellite television, are introducing more narrowly themed programming i. It has greater flexibility and can be designed by keeping in view the peculiarities of a particular locality.

This also provides sight and hearing facilities like television. The advertiser should not forget that the window is the index of his shop. It provides ample opportunity for learning.

Second, within the last few years the emergence of radio programming delivered via satellite has become an option for national advertising. Using email to deliver an advertisement affords marketers the advantage of low distribution cost and potentially high reach.

First, in many countries there are radio networks that use many geographically distinct stations to broadcast simultaneously.

Email advertisement can take the form of a regular email message or be presented within the context of more detailed content, such as an electronic newsletter. P Total Audience Rating Point.

It ensures quicker repetition. Facilities of practical demonstration are also provided to the customers. Window display has direct appeal to the onlookers.

Advertising media selection

The number of visitors to a website within a given time period e. The duration of the advertisement is very limited. Secrecy cannot be maintained in this type of advertising.

But unlike television, radio presents the additional disadvantage of limiting advertisers to audio-only advertising. It requires lesser time and effort on the part of the advertiser to undertake this medium.

In the sales letter an appeal is made to the buyers separately.

9 Types of Advertising Media Available to an Advertiser

This type of advertising has a wider coverage and leaves effective impression on the people.Definition of advertising media: Various means (advertising vehicles) such as billboards, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, and internet by which promotional messages are communicated to the public using words, speech, and.

Indoor advertising media: indoor advertising means the use of vehicles by that advertiser who carry the right in the houses. These vehicles are newspaper, magazine, radio, television, and video film.

Outdoor advertising media: outdoor advertising is the only one of its kind that has been carried for ages. It was the earlier media for 5/5(4). Types of Advertising Media Posted on by admin As we noted in Managing the Advertising Campaign Tutorial, selection of the media outlet through which an ad will be presented has important implications for the success of a promotion.

Media of advertising
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