Hrm practices in garment of bangladesh

One year later the second unit was established. However, it would be a much better strategy to conduct a cross-cultural comparison study, using the same data collection instrument across different countries and collecting data from organizations that are similar teach other in terms of size, sector, etc.

To mediate the relationship between organizations and its units.

A Comparative Study of HRM Practices between Foreign and Local Garment Companies in Bangladesh

In short, this conclusion opened the way for the development of HRM. To select personnel in order to fill vacant positions within an organization.

These individuals may have a tendency to answer the questions in a more positive way. Thirdly, HRM is Hrm practices in garment of bangladesh and fused with corporate level planning. Limitations and Suggestions The present study is expected to contribute to the literature since it provides a basis to compare HRM practices in Bangladesh against those in other countries.

Though it is a textile, it has proved itself in the related industry as a major competitor. To develop and implement a plan that meet personnel and job requirements.

These functions of human resource management activities can be listed as follows: To provide orientation and training to the employees. Lastly, the present study solely focused on the current practices of HRM in the surveyed organizations but it is also important to assess the influences of HRM practices on business performance.

Thus, there is a probability of social desirability problem in the given answers. Finally, HRM holds the view that the management and non-management have a common interest in the success of the organization Krulis cited in Goss, Background of the Square Textiles Ltd. To strive hard to optimize profit through conduction of transparent business operations within the legal and social framework with malice to none and justice for all To create more jobs with minimum investments To be competitive in the internal as well as external markets To maximize export earning with minimum imported in-puts To reduce the income gap between top and bottom categories of employees.

First, it focuses on horizontal authority and reduced hierarchy. According to Gossduring thes and the early s the US and the UK industries became incompetent at international markets because of increasing domination of Japanese manufacturers. The factory is located in Saradaganj, Kashimpur, Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Thirdly, most of the organizations in the sample were large- or medium-sized organizations. One of these drawbacks is that the number of organizations participated in the research wasso the size of the sample was not large enough to be a good representative of the population of interest i.

To assist employees in developing career plans. For the employees there are systematic in house training in home and abroad. Yet, it is a consolation that the sample of the present study included organizations from a wide range of sectors. Thus, the results of the study may not generalize to HRM practices install-sized organizations in Bangladesh.

To ensure that the organization apply equal employment opportunities and other government obligations. To design and implement compensation systems for employees.

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Secondly, the data were collected via questionnaires answered by HR professionals working in organizations. Human Resource Management Topic: Square is one of the biggest employers in Bangladesh. To develop employee communication systems. Here we have tasked not only the HRM practice but also the marketing, management, finance and operational area of the Company.

Square has a personal and administrative Department. The issue of effects of HRM on business performance of organizations was beyond the aim of this Report yet it may be an important point to consider in future research.

Authorized capital of the company is tk. The development of HRM in the s is reflective of an increased realization of the importance of human element in organizations. Therefore, Western managers began to analyze the Japanese industry and concluded that Japanese organizations value people as the key asset of business.

The second characteristic is that the role of human resource professionals is to support and facilitate line managers who have the direct responsibility of managing personnel. The Company was incorporated as a public limited company in the year of Discuss all HRM practice The company sets the following objectives for it to achieve:The purpose of this research is to explore and compare human resource management (HRM) practices between foreign and local garment companies operating in Bangladesh.

Human resource management (HRM) in birds eye view is the maximization of employee competency and motivating with the intent of increasing productivity. Human Resource management is based in the efficient utilization of employees in achieving two main goals.

sions of HRM practices in the environment of operating garment companies. This study explored HRM practices between foreign and local garment compa- nies operating in Bangladesh. an evaluation of human resource management (hrm) practices in bangladesh ready-made garments sector.

Human Resource Management Practices in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study on Employees’ Satisfaction at Private Commercial Banks Md. Kamrujjaman∗. The present study is expected to contribute to the literature since it provides a basis to compare HRM practices in Bangladesh against those in other countries.

However, there are several limitations/drawbacks of the study that needs to be mentioned.

Hrm practices in garment of bangladesh
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