Freak the mighty

Not only will adolescent readers devour it and rejoice in the victories of Max and Kevin, but teachers will love all its teachable themes.

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What evidence do we have that such technology already Freak the mighty Discuss with students the meaning of the word "sobriquet. Research and then write a short report about the kind of disease that Kevin might have had. Is Arthur alone in his obesity? What survival tips might have been helpful to those in the Donner party?

Max and Kevin had known each other in day care, but do not meet again until the summer before eighth grade, when Max, who is so big he is exploding out of his clothes, places Kevin, whose body is too small for his growing organs, on his shoulders and walks into a pond to out wit Tony D.

Why is Max not surprised when he sees her drunk at the end of the novel? What other songs might those in the expedition have sung or played? After reading the book, reread your prediction and, if need be, revise what your believe it means now, Then, do a book talk for your classmates, inviting them to read the book.

With their group, they will discuss their answers and examine their first impressions. Research the value of these horses and then compute a "best guess" as to their value. He gives Max a blank book asking him to fill it up with their adventures.

OR Consider how Grim defines lies and tales, that "lies are mean things, and tales are meant to entertain. Then create a poster and share your findings with the class.

Suddenly, Freak rolls down through a basement window holding a big blaster squirt gun he claims is filled with sulfuric acid.

This allows students to consider how the content or themes from the novel connect to the world today. Find out what it is, its past and current treatment options, and famous persons who suffered with it. What is the irony in calling the tenements the New Testaments?

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What does Freak mean when he says "you can remember anything, whether it happened or not"? It is clear that Rodman Philbrick has many young adult voices inside his head and they will appear in numerous future novels. OR Watch the film version, The Mighty. There is also a place for the actual definition to be inserted.

Arthur wakes up in an entirely new world. Do readers need to have read Freak the Mighty in order to fully appreciate this story? At first he said "no," but on the ride back from Manhattan to Maine, the voice, story, and plot for Freak the Mighty unrolled in his head.

In other words, in what year is this story set? The Journal of Douglas Allen Deeds: What does the story Kenny tells about the "injustice" that was done him, tell us about him? What percentage of adolescents and children are overweight? Create a model of where Spaz lives. With three or four friends, research the role that cowboys played in the past along with their current role.

Find someone who disagrees with you and each of you prepare a statement for the class to consider.


Included in a template page where students can draft their letter. Is home the best place for Max? Either find or create the music indicative of this future world.Get Your Geek, We Mean Freak, on With These Geeked-Out Sex Toys.

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Freak the Mighty (Scholastic Gold) - Kindle edition by Rodman Philbrick. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Freak the Mighty. May 4 Lincoln Brewster God of the Impossible [Integrity] Mat Kearney CRAZYTALK [Tomorrow Music]br /> Passion Whole Heart (Live) (Vinyl) [SixSteps] Michael W.

Smith Lullaby [Rocketown/The Fuel] Various Artists Top 15 Praise Songs - The Well [Maranatha! Music] May 11 Bethel Music Moments: Mighty Sound [Bethel Music] Aaron Cole. 'Max The Mighty' Study Guide. THE BOOK In this much anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Freak the Mighty, readers once again encounter Maxwell Kane.

Freak the mighty
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