Fireworks should be banned

Oh yes, without question, but noise pollution is getting beyond a joke. A law must first be enforceable. Concord Grape July 3, at It is plainly obvious to any sensible person that any laws put up by any government in Britain are impossible to enforce in respect of fireworks exploding "out of hours", because Fireworks should be banned police are working under extreme pressure at all times.

The restrictions on individuals are approaching a point which those on businesses passed some time ago, where life is simply too short to keep track of the regulations and still do anything productive. We have plenty of organized firework displays around the area and small fireworks pale in comparison to the large shows.

Has been for decades. Yes, I am all in favour of a total ban at all times but cannot see any act of parliament being able to change the way a small number of people behave in respect to such an act.

Their complaints would only be justified if it was a regular occurance. People gotta be learned a lesson. I see this as particularly racist towards the English citizen. I cannot do that by myself. It will be an offence to sell fireworks to unders and there will be a noise limit introduced.

Larry July 3, at 3: With the extreme fire danger throughout the State of California, do you think all fireworks you can purchase on the street even sparklers should be banned in all California counties?

We live in an area where fireworks are set off from October to New Year nearly every day. Julie July 4, at 6: Some of them even make a career out of this.

Don’t be daft – we don’t need to ban fireworks

Nam Vet July 3, at 5: Is there really any need for it? They adhere to noise and safety laws and they can create spectacular displays. Being responsible mostly we had built a volcano-like pile of dirt, and were putting the fireworks in the middle.

I would like to see a complete ban on the sale of fireworks to the general public. They are smart because they study the art and science of fireworks.

The government is considering calls to ban the sale of fireworks to the public. These wake up our children and disturb animals, causing dogs to bark and goodness knows what harm to local wildlife. What about those professional displays?

Should We Ban Fireworks? Let’s Look at the Pros and Cons

Millions of people are planning to attend fireworks displays celebrating Guy Fawkes Night. Buck July 3, at 5: We thoroughly enjoyed the little displays that went off around our neighborhood so a big thank you those scofflaws!

The Water Cooler – Should All Fireworks Be Banned In California?

Now all we need to do is take action and let our ideas be heard. Daniel, 14, Manchester This law does not go far enough, but is a start.We must ban fireworks, completely and without exception, in both Oregon and Washington.

Possession of any and all fireworks should be a misdemeanor.

Fireworks should not be banned

Use of them, in any circumstance, should be a. Indiscriminate use of fireworks should, quite rightly, be banned. They should be allowed only on the day designated each year as Guy Fawkes Night and for special celebratory occasions, such as royal jubilees.

Fireworks, in the wrong hands, are dangerous and each year hundreds of children and adults are injured.

Your view: Should fireworks be banned?

Nov 04,  · Ban all firework displays in rural areas Idiots being reckless with fireworks are the minority Ban fireworks, I need my sleep Catherine wheels and double happies Beach fireworks 'rotten nuisance.

Nothing Good Come From Fireworks. Fireworks should be banned for individual use and should only be for commercial purposes only! Nothing good comes from fireworks- Animals are tormented, children and adults run the risk of getting burned and/or hurt, not to mention the environmental damage they leave behind.

Millions of people are planning to attend fireworks displays celebrating Guy Fawkes Night.

Four reasons to ban selling fireworks to public

But given the environmental damage they cause, should fireworks be banned. I have lived in the Mendenhall Valley for 34 years. Consumer fireworks were not an issue for most of those years.

When the city fireworks ordinance sunset, the endurance burden caused by consumer aerial and loud report fireworks has become intolerable. No person or animal should have to endure this unwanted extreme noise and concussion in their .

Fireworks should be banned
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