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The course contents are rationalistic and in tune with the needs of the present-day society. The general educational standard has been diluted by decrease in the commitment of teachers and by the general decline in morality and standards of life.

Proper education identifies our career goals and teaches us to live in more civilized manner. The core of the issue is whether education and employment should be de-linked. This is not to say that the average standard of teaching and average proficiency of the students has improved a lot.

This could reduce the anxiety about the unevenness of marks offered by different high-level schools. Nowadays, adult men and women are going to education centers to learn the basics of education.

Education broadens her outlook. Since, most of the cultural and epic books are written in mother language, a person would be devoid of his own cultural richness if he is Essay education india today to read book written in his mother language. Regarding the medium of instruction in colleges and universities, some State Governments have already decided, in principle, to switch over to the regional language.

Education is the key to gender equality and women empowerment. It is an integral part of the social sector of the economy. Education essay is the most important topic now-a-days, which can be given to the students in their schools and colleges for essay writing on any event. Local Boards run the schools upto Primary, V standard, both in mother tongue and English medium.

Naturally, the products of such education system do not contribute to the development of the country, but add to its woes. It makes us able to create fine balance of our body, mind and spirit. It is a highly debatable issue and much has been said on this system. This institution published textbooks for t school on all subjects and has a panel of specialists its list.

Importance of Education in the Modern World

Self-education can be done with or without the formal education that people get at schools, and universities.

In course of time, they lost charm and utility, when the country was faced with unemployment problem. It helps in getting rid of social problems such as child labour, and child marriage.

Some people are educated but do not have enough skill to earn money for their daily routine just because of the lack of proper education system in the backwards areas.

Education has played a major role in the modern life to all individuals in the society. Besides, uniformity should also be followed in the examination evaluation system and in syllabus as well. Work-oriented education system Work-oriented education system was advocated by Mahatma Gandhi and others.

But de-linking or jobs from degrees and certificates is fraught with unforeseen dangers.

Education Essay

It helps us to easily understand and deal with any problem and makes balance throughout the whole life in every aspect. Ed, or Shastri education. It trains us whole life and brings lots of opportunities to our way to get better prospects required for the career growth. If regional languages are fully used for imparting college education, mobility from one region to another for the higher education in India will be seriously hampered.

Institutional set-up such as university is called the basic infrastructure which is determinant of educational development. Without education life becomes aimless and tough.

Children or kids start going Essay education india today school to get the primary or elementary education. It brings confidence and helps to convert the thinking into the action to go ahead and get success and experience.

In course of time the glamour for college education may decline if correspondence education is made very effective. With regard to the pattern of secondary education experiments have been going on since Independence.

Taking advantage of this provision many State governments in India have opened a large number of universities in recent years. It assists scientists in research works, invention of equipments, devices, machines and other technologies required for the modern life.

It is considered a human right for every child to get the opportunity for education.Education is an important medium of acquiring skills and knowledge. Our education begins at home. Short Essay on Education and its Advantages. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On July 24, By Vikash Chamaria.

Essay on Importance of Technical Education in India ;. Essay on Education: Short Essay on Education! Education is an effort of the senior people to transfer their knowledge to the younger members of society. It is thus an instiĀ­tution, which plays a vital role in integrating an individual with his society and in maintaining the perpetuation of culture.

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Essay on Importance of Adult Education. Essay on Women Education in India where I am today is just because of Hard Work and Passion to My work. I. Essay on Indian Education System: Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary, Work-Oriented, and Correspondence Education.

Category: Essays, Today almost every university in India is offering correspondence courses for different degrees and diplomas. In fact correspondence education has opened new vistas for the educational system which could.

A custom written essay example on importance of education in the modern world. Words Essay on Education System in India. Article shared by. Education is fundamental to human progress. It plays a prominent role in all-around development of individual as well as society. Unfortunately, it has not been changed even today.

The remedial measures which are required to be taken should be started from primary level. It.

Essay education india today
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