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He feels attraction to her from the first sight though it can be described just as an interest. This means that when he fell into the pond, he found love. When he Daughter dealer essay horse her and restored her, he was a doctor, and she was a patient.

He has never thought of loving her. She then begins to insist - she grabs on to him and says repeatedly "you love me, you love me, I know you love me, I know.

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When Jack responds that it was him, she asks if he loves her. The story makes the reader feel rather depressed by the end of it as you observe how difficult it is to live without true love and support.

Mabel feels rather lonely as there is no support and love in her family. His life was still and silent before he had met her. Lawrence, has many symbols, which show hidden meaning.

What seemed to Jack as a simple yet heroic rescue turns into a life-long commitment. He had never wanted to love her. The author describes that Jack is extremely fascinated and enchanted by Mabel, and such emotions frighten her.

He loves her for being helpless, but he hates her for putting him in this situation. The idea of responsibility for Mabel initially fills Jack with annoyance and disgust. Mabel begins to kiss him, passionately, still repeating "you love me" over and over, until finally, Jack responds that he does.

The narrator describes the pond as lifeless right before the doctor had entered it.

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Total price In the beginning of the story the siblings are sitting around the table and discussing their necessities and life. This collision of intentions causes confusion between the two characters: It was like fate had pushed him into the water to meet the woman he was meant to be with, for the rest of his life.

Mabel, one of the two main characters in this story, is depressed and suicidal. He was scared of the water because he could not swim, and also because he was scared of love. Two other brothers, Fred and Malcolm, are also described by the author. Nay this introduction of the personal element was very distasteful to him, a violation of his professional honour.

It represents cleanliness and the start of new life. This pond symbolizes the start of their love for each other, since they fall madly in love afterwards. Jack is also a human being who assumes that Mabel wants to be saved.

This symbolizes that Dr. While Mabel is in the graveyard, she is noticed by a doctor coming nearby.

She never tries anything new and when she finally does, something amazing happens to her. He had no single personal thought of her.

These two people, strangers at first, are now quickly and impulsively committed to each other.

The Horse Dealer's Daughter

The pond also describes Dr. In a dead place such as the pond, you can find something that is alive such as love.

In the beginning of the story, Mabel wasThe Horse-Dealer’s Daughter Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for The Horse-Dealer’s Daughter is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Apr 03,  · Mabel is the daughter of a horse dealer who has recently died and left the family in debt.

Mabel's mother had died some time before this, and her brothers plan to Reviews: 2. Paradoxical Power in The Horse Dealer's Daughter - Paradoxical Power in The Horse Dealer's Daughter In D.H Lawrence's "The Horse Dealer's Daughter," Mabel Pervin and her three brothers are left with debts to pay after the death of their father.

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D.H. Lawrence’s, “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter”, tells a timeless love story of Mabel and Jack, two people of totally different social standings, falling in love. After the death of Mabel’s father her and her three brothers are left to be on their own.

Apr 15,  · The Pitiful Human Condition Exposed in Endgame, Dumbwaiter, and The Horse Dealer's Daughter The three stories, The Endgame (Beckett), The Dumbwaiter (Pinter), and The Horse Dealer's Daughter (Lawrence) all deal with the themes of repression, repetition, and breakdowns in communication.

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