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It is this desire that makes us realise what belonging really is to us. For Emily religious experience was not a simple intellectual statement of belief; it could be more accurately reflected in the beauty of nature, and the experiences of ecstatic joy.

Lives Like Loaded Guns Her father withdrew her from the school before the year ended, generally considered because of ill health, but it may have been her rebellious nature and non-compliance. It is this contrast between alienation and comfort which made me relish in its importance to be in my showcase.

They are all in one way or another on a quest to overcome the ridiculous expectations imposed on them in order to belong.

On the flip side much of her poetry is imbued with morbid obsessions with death. She points out the two phrases that defined Dickinson at her death: Yet despite this rejection of the orthodox religion, there is much in her poetry which reveals a profoundly religious temperament.

But despite Merricks perceived sense of belonging to the society in which once degraded him the film concludes with the idea that to belong one may just want to be like everyone else. When Miss Lyon pressed her students to be "saved", nearly all succumbed.

It is not natural to be born by natural conception in this society. There are many possible reasons for this.

Belonging dickinson essay success is rewarded by his peers, however, in this story the protagonist assumes the identity of another man as he himself does not possess the physical potential to belong in their opinion.

For Merrick the spiritual force of God is that comfort and again these deep ideas make our concept of belonging deeper and so I felt it important to include it. Likewise Dickinson also has some sense of belonging to something that is not necessarily of the human kind.

This was an interest that fulfilled the spiritual needs of himself and of his comrades. Perhaps it was this act of self assertion — rebellion that provoked her unorthodoxy or non-conformism to conventional wisdom.

Though she professed a deep love and respect for her father, she wrote: For much of her adult life she lived in seclusion with only her family for company, albeit with the rare visit from an outsider which she prized and anticipated keenly, and indeed she retreated more and more into the confines of her bedroom.

He does however choose not to belong when he leaves the paradise of Eldorado because of its Utopian morals. One may not belong due to barriers that are physically or emotionally put in place which cloud the perceptions of belonging which result in physical or emotional isolation or exclusion.

I think that epilepsy was an illness that carried a stigma until fairly recently, certainly in the 19th century and before but well into the 20th century as well, certain American states passed laws against marriage.

More Essay Examples on Human Rubric He even receives a standing ovation which is symbolic of the changing attitudes of the people. A close 15 year old friend died when Emily was only 13, her bedroom window overlooked a cemetery where she would have viewed various funeral processions, the wanton slaughter of thousands of young men during the American Civil War must have had a profound effect on her and there is evidence that the sudden death of her father caused her pain.

Eugene assists the protagonist regular substance tests by providing him with urine and blood sample. Through her poetic works, one can conclude that Dickinson is isolated from society, perhaps because of her mental inability to reach out to others.

Belonging- Dickinson and Elephant Man Essay

Looking firstly to the film an interesting use of symbolism is in the biblical connotations. Emily rebels against this evangelical approach as Lyndall Gordon points out: This distance is experienced as absence, insufficiency and inadequacy but it is also a space of desire: On 16 May, she owned, "I have neglected the one thing needful when all were obtaining it.

What made me think of epilepsy more than any other form of evidence was really the secrecy of it. The soul selects her own society, Then shuts the door. Dickinson was never able to belong, and was castigated because she was not able to conform to societal expectations held at that particular point in time.

In her letter to the world which is a metaphorical idea of a plea to those out there we have the sense that she does have the desire but never quite fits.

Some commentators report that she was shy and socially uneasy with strangers.

Like with my letter to the world Dickinson uses personification in her poetry to symbolise the world out there.

In conclusion, through a comprehensive study of the poetic works of Emily Dickinson, the philosophical novel Candide by Voltaire and the film Gattaca directed by Andrew Niccol, I have come to understand that belonging is influenced by any number of intrinsic or external, physical or emotional barriers that alter perceptions of belonging — for the better or for the worse from the perspective of an individual.

The Concept of Belonging Essay

This can be seen in my letter to the world in which she uses personification to highlight a connection to nature. In Gattaca, Vincent or Jerome his alias chooses to try and overcome these barriers put in place by the totalitarian society of Gattaca. This also poses the question: At this time Massachusetts was the scene of a religious revival opposed to the inroads of science.

Which, using similies shows how when she is amongst the world she is displaced and far from comfortable. The poem also draws on the idea that when amongst the world she is like: The desire to belong is also an important factor to consider when exploring the concept of belonging. Thus it should be noted that on the surface an individual can appear to belong, whilst still having his own personal identity.Dickinson’s eccentric individualism has many probable causes.

She was recognised as a bright clever young girl but clearly rebelled against authority including her strict austere father, her emotionally cold mother and a rigid Calvinistic religion.

The Concept of Belonging Essay ‘Belonging’ is a literary trope relevant to all types and genres of publication and film - The Concept of Belonging Essay introduction.

Perceptions that affect belonging can be determined by oneself: by intrinsic flaws and attributes, by choices made by the individual, by the individual’s physical and emotional potential to belong and by society as a whole. Essays & Papers Belonging- Dickinson and Elephant Man - Paper Example Belonging- Dickinson and Elephant Man The idea of belonging is an important and fundamental value in our lives - Belonging- Dickinson and Elephant Man introduction.

Belonging Essay Concept, perceptions and ideas to belong or not to belong differ from person to person. This is due to experiences that shape ones personality that come through personal, cultural, social and historical context.

Below is an essay on "Belonging - Dickinson and Arrival" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The idea of belonging is different for everyone.

Belonging depends on who you are and who you are with. Belonging most commonly emerges from experience and notions of identity, relationships, acceptance and understanding.

Belonging also emerges in our places of comfort and security.

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Today in my showcase I will be presenting to you the poetry of Miss Emily Dickinson as well as the filmic production of the Elephant man, directed by David Lynch.

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