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The instant I realized that was the moment I experienced the presence of the Over-Voice. Remember the slight feeling of vertigo it caused in your stomach as it started going down.

Many many years ago before I was a Christian I trained under a Zen Buddhist 5th degree Shorin Ryu karate master who had a Samurai academy in the ghetto I lived in at the time in SoCal and he would do occultic things like have us lay down and try to initiate astro travel for the purpose of honing an occultic skill to check up on enemies.

Continue this, slowly and deliberately, feeling yourself moving Astral projection forum and falling deeper and deeper into the trance state as you go. Has anyone ever been "stuck" On an astral plane? Today, I practice something that at first allowed my body to feel much larger than I was while at the same time, much smaller.

Let your mind approach the edge of sleep, but retain consciousness. Acknowledge that you are a sinner in need of a savior and that no good deeds that you do can gain you access into Astral projection forum. Astral Projection and Voices Pathr0s wrote: I recall thinking what was happening could only be what I have long imagined the Cosmos might be like if one could traverse the barrier.

I had determined to find the answer insight I needed at any cost and failure to find that answer was not an option. Walk away from your body, turn around, and take a look at yourself.

You do not need to overdo the imagined details of scenarios used with mental falling exercises. It is the downward movement or falling sensation constructed by your imagination and felt in your body awareness that causes your brain waves to slow, thereby forcing it to enter the trance state.

I was bedridden for a week recovering from the physical and mental exhaustion.

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The dolphin is always quiet and unassuming until he is either needed, or wants to emerge. Count the steps if you like, slowly, as if you were counting your breaths, "Oneeee, Twoooo, Threeee", etc. However, this is just a scratching of the surface. There are many different descriptions, for me it felt like bones cracking inside my head, or teeth grounding, quite unpleasant too.

The atmosphere was a little dark and it felt like I was dragging my face out of my own body until I was out. Feel yourself climbing downward and falling deeper and deeper into trance with every downward step you take.

Re-create this feeling; feel it in your body awareness. Only, sometimes you may float, and others not. Do I try to move?

Astral Projection

There are many different descriptions, for me it felt like bones cracking inside my head, or teeth grounding, quite unpleasant too. Lie on your back in a quiet comfortable place free of external stimuli.

If you need to deepen your level of trance, continue with the mental falling exercise until you attain it. It could be populated by other astral bodies, or it can be barren of other consciousness. Feel yourself falling deeper and deeper into the trance state with the caress of every smoke ring as it rises up over your whole body, over and over, from feet to head.

As a Christian, everything that was not of God I fully repented from and have not trained since. One form was by sitting up out of my body. The psychic phenomenon of astral projection occurs when an individual in a state of consciousness claims to leave the physical body and travel long distances, observing other people, recording their actions, and returning to the body to confirm it.

Or as if someone is shaking you violently, you feel a bit of vertigo, a bit dizzy. If anyone knows what I am doing, I would enjoy an insight into this as well. Or as if someone is shaking you violently, you feel a bit of vertigo, a bit dizzy.

Keep imagining and feeling this, while making sure you do not allow your physical body to tense up. Baptism cleared this child of possession. Feel yourself gently falling, re-creating a falling sensation in your body awareness every time you breathe OUT.

When I told the dolphin to take me to the Cosmos the morning Tammy left I was dead-set on a do-or-die course of action. Any damage or other effects that apply to it have no effect on your physical body, nor do they persist when you return to it.

Continue this, feeling yourself floating gently downward and falling deeper and deeper into the trance state with your every falling breath.

Not even Hermes recognized who and what this Rider was exactly, but he was able to discern to my consciousness that this entity was of a positive nature which negated any fear taking hold of me and inclined my alters to take a wait and see attitude of observation and non-interference.

Try interacting with them and learn from them! Hearing that I remember a subject I became familiarized with many years ago that I found helpful in explaining other past experiences I have had that would leave me feeling the way I do at this moment.Jun 20,  · However, this makes me wonder what astral projection is actually for.

Plane shift is a cheaper way to travel to a different plane. I guess its a safe way to explore the astral plane specifically since your body is relatively safe during it.

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All methods and experiences of achieving Astral Projection and expanded consciousness other than OBE, including but not limited to Phasing and Meditation Welcome to Astral Pulse Island!

Everything pertaining to information discussions on Astral Pulse Island, the Astral Pulse members Astral locale Posts Topics This forum is the. Mar 24,  · I don't know if anyone on the forum has heard of it. I've been wanting to do it for years. The way my life is going, I feel I keep getting pushed to.

Aug 27,  · Welcome to the Astral Dynamics metaphysical community center. Here you will find a wealth of information concerning astral projection travel / out of body experiences, energy Work, online courses, psychic security and protection, blog, forum, and products and services.

Astral Projection (Avi Nissim & Lior Perlmutter) are an Israeli electronic music group producing Goa / PsyTrance music. They are considered as one of the ori. Apr 27,  · Astral projection tips are similar to lucid dream tips.

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I don't bother much with projection anymore, I usually have a spontaneous episode now and then and more frequently feel fluttering etheric limbs, hear astral noise and see through closed eyelids.

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