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Are potential regulatory constraints liable to damage employment opportunities? In terms of your strengths, consider the manual nursing tasks and skills that you excel at. But this assessment helps to identify areas where we may need to improve.

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For example, you may thrive on one-to-one interactions, but your current position places you in situations where you have very little face time with patients. Be well, dig deep, and keep in touch! While this tool is generally used in the business world, it can actually be applied to any aspect of your life, including relationships, parenting, or education.

Use it to your advantage, and your career will benefit from your greatly increased self-knowledge. For instance, a threat may be that your small community hospital is about A career analysis nursing be purchased by a national A career analysis nursing chain with a history of very poor management, and some employees are likely to be fired.

Your personality may be the source of some of your weaknesses, such as poor personal boundaries, difficulty separating your own feelings from your work, addiction, and so on.

A threat from your personal life may be that your partner has asked for a divorce, your mother is now on hospice, or your health is compromised in a way that makes working a full-time job quite challenging.

In this way, the autonomy of home care may be great for one nurse, and an absolute nightmare for another. You might want to join a professional association related to medical or nursing informatics where you could volunteer and meet people in the profession.

Some threats are from the outside — like your hospital being bought — and some come from the inside in terms of your physical or mental health, or personal characteristics that make it difficult for you to hold a job or manage work relationships.

American Sentinel also offers a certificate in Prevention and Control that assists clinicians in acquiring the knowledge they need to develop best practices for infection prevention and control.

Have there been recent layoffs at companies you were considering for employment? Keith is also the resident nursing career expert at Nurse.

Conducting a SWOT Analysis of Your Nursing Career, The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 57

Financial stuff is often an issue. For a good collection of sites on the Internet that enable you to research A career analysis nursing trends that will tell you more about external opportunities and threats in your chosen field, go to Career Exploration Resources. Just visit iTunes, click on the iTunes store, search for The Nurse Keith Show under podcasts, and leave a review, and voila.

Share this post on: If you identify a skill that you know is in your chosen field, but you are weak in that skill area, you need to take steps to improve that skill. What resources do you have available to you to increase your capacity to act? Are you feeling blocked and limited by competition?

Where do you feel over-committed? In assessing your weaknesses, think about what prospective employers might consider to be the areas you could improve upon. Why is it important to you? A SWOT analysis is a popular tool that allows you to take a deep dive into what makes you tick and how you perceive yourself.

What threats do your weaknesses expose you to? Facing your frailties now can give you a huge head start in career planning. Identifying strengths and weaknesses These are specifically tied to your career goals. No tool can exclusively get you where you want to go, but a SWOT analysis is a great place to begin in pursuit of honesty and clarity about where to head next.

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Then consider a career as a nurse death investigator or a forensics nurse. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, perhaps you’d love the thrill of being a flight nurse. If science and research appeal to you, a career in clinical trials or research could be just the ticket.

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Workplace Loyalty And Your Nursing Career, The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 58 → Conducting a SWOT Analysis of Your Nursing Career, The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 57 Posted on May 27, by Nursekeith. How about taking a page from the business-school playbook and running a SWOT analysis? SWOT, which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, is a simple yet powerful model MBA students use to analyze the strategic positions of companies, products or business situations.

A SWOT analysis is a global (if not fully comprehensive) snapshot of your perceptions of the state of your nursing career and your personal strengths and weaknesses.

A career analysis nursing
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